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THE SKATER CO., LTD. Bringing love and dreams to your life. We bring new values to the world. Gratitude Effort Cooperation Challenge Our Mission We are committed to provide practical, easy-to-use yet high quality products at reasonable prices. For us, it is not a goal, but a precondition. We believe that our mission is to bring you dreams and fun, and to offer our original products for a truly enriched life.

Our Business Style

We are a fabless company. That is why we can do business freely and flexibly.

We manufacture our products from the idea of not having a factory and develop products that are not limited by materials

We are not tied down to production facilities, but are constantly pursuing change and continuing to manufacture what the times demand. To achieve this, we partner with companies that have a wide range of technologies, gather the best information and technologies in a timely manner and manufacture our products. This is our business style.

We always bring new products to every channel.

Comprehensive product range: wide range of categories, variety of items, wide selection of designs.

Shop-in-shop development is also possible.

  • Lunch Box
  • Bottle
  • Cookware
  • Outdoor Amusement
  • Baby Products
  • Storage

Our History

Since its foundation in 1938, our company has always been ahead of its time, changing and evolving with the times.

  • Foundation 1950s The starting point for manufacturing
    was the fountain pen.
    Popular for its smooth, skate-like writing.
  • Introduction of divisional structure 1960s We started the plastics business.
    In anticipation of the age of mass consumption,
    a new structure was introduced.
  • Introduction of household products 1970s The emphasis on design led to a series of
    successful products.We became pioneers in
    bringing fun and beauty to household products.
  • Nationwide expansion 1980s We organise exhibitions on an ongoing basis.
    The reason is to listen to the voice of the market,
    and we have held them without a single interruption.
  • Head office relocation and expansion 1990s We have become a futuristic fabless company.
    We developed into a conceptual company with
    free thinking and free movement.
  • Global operational presence 2000s Spreading the appeal of our products to the world.
    Bringing the best of Japan to the world and
    the sensibility of the world to Japan.
  • Higher-end product 2010s Development of products with higher added value.
    Products with a high degree of planning and
    marketability, which cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Adapting to electronic commerce 2020s Adapting to the acceleration of globalisation
    Bringing the best of Japan to the world
    and to the future.


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